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Alexander Brian (Alec) Hogg: Financial journalist and media entrepreneur


Alec Hogg (1959 -) is a financial journalist working as a writer, editor, broadcaster, columnist and publisher. [1][6] After a year at university studying towards a B.Com. degree, he joined The Citizen in 1980 as a trainee financial reporter.[Hogg] He held many senior positions at several national publications including Sunday Times, Rand Daily Mail, The Star, and Finance Week.[6][19] In 1983 Hogg became the youngest journalist to receive the Sanlam Journalist of the Year award, issued for articles he wrote in 1982, aged only 22 at the time.[1] [6]

Alec Hogg is well known for his media entrepreneurship when he found Moneyweb, a specialised internet publisher which focuses on niches, in 1997. [1] [3] [19] Alec Hogg also has an interest in horse racing, one that influenced his career as to publications he got involved in directly or indirectly, such as Racingweb, a division of Moneyweb. He also published South Africa’s first weekly horse racing magazine “Racing Digest” in 1989.[6] [20]

Hogg is divorced with two children with his ex-wife Louise Mary Henson, a fellow director of Moneyweb Holdings (his son Travis passed away on May 22, 2008). [6] [19] Hogg is currently situated in Johannesburg, South Africa where he is the CEO and editor-in-chief of Moneyweb, as well as a presenter on several radio shows. [10][11][17]

Personal information

Alexander Brian Hogg; commonly known as Alec Hogg was born on the 17th of October 1959. [6] Hogg grew up in Newcastle, KZN, where he went to Newcastle High School and matriculated in 1976 [Hogg] [2]. He married Louise Mary Henson at the age of 24 and together they had three children: Travis, Caitlin and Kendyll Hogg.[6] His wife was the Community Director of Moneyweb.[22] In 2007 Henson and Hogg got divorced.[Hogg] [6] Alec Hogg is interested in horse racing (see other professional activities), golf, history and also enjoys 70’s Rock music.

Career information

After Alec Hogg matriculated from Newcastle High School in 1976 [2] [6], he went on to study towards a B.Com. degree at The University of Natal in 1979. [6] He passed all the subjects in his first year, but left university when securing a position at The Citizen in Johannesburg in 1980.[Hogg][6]

Overview of Hogg’s early career:
Financial reporter at The Citizen 1980-1980 [6]
Financial reporter for Rand Daily Mail 1980-1981 [6]
Banking Editor for Finance Week 1981-1983
Deputy Editor of Business Times in the Sunday Times 1983-1985 [6]
Editor Management magazine 1985-1986 [6]
Editorial Director for Prescon Publishing 1986-1987 [6]
Self employed: Alec Hogg & Associates 1987-1992 (In 1989, while running his own publishing business, he published the country's first weekly horseracing magazine, Racing Digest.) [1] [6]
Head of News Input SABC TV News 1992-1994 [1] [6]
Group General Manager of ABSA Bank 1994-1996 [1] [2] [6]

In April 1997 Hogg founded Moneyweb, a business news website, for which he became widely known. [1] [2] [3] [6] Hogg serves as both the CEO [1] [2] [3] [6] and editor-in-chief [11] of Moneyweb. He is also the editor-in-chief of Mineweb [7], the offshore operation of Moneyweb. In addition to his Moneyweb career, he started business radio in South Africa through launching SAfm’s Market Update in 1997.[Hogg] He also started Classic FM's Classic Business [9] [10], The Business Program on Talk Radio702 [19], and Radio 2000 Moneyweb Power Hour [4] [6]. In May 2008 he returned to the SAfm Market Update with Moneyweb [5] [11]. In television he has presented business programs at the SABC, ETV and CNBC Africa.[6][10][Hogg]

Moneyweb’s shares were listed on the JSE in 1999,[19] with the company’s current value being around R50m. It runs eight websites, employs 34 people, eight of whom are based outside of South Africa, and produces three national radio programs daily in prime time on SAfm, RSG and LotusFM. It also produces the business section of The Citizen newspaper. Moneyweb’s content reaches more than a million people daily on radio and more than 500 000 visitors monthly through the internet. - [Hogg]

Hogg is a trustee of the Jane Goodall Institute (South Africa) Johannesburg [6] [17] and is the Patron of St Joseph’s Care, a HIV/AIDS support program based in Sizanani in the Bronkhorstspruit District.

Alec Hogg is the author of “Shares: A Buyer's Guide” (Publisher: Moneyweb, 2005) [6][12] and “Racing 89” (Publisher: Racing Digest, 1989).[6] [20]

Recognitions and awards

Alec Hogg was the youngest reporter to be chosen as SANLAM’s Financial Reporter of the Year in 1983, for his articles of 1982 - aged 22 at the time.[1] [6] He has won many section awards in the competition in subsequent years.

In 2007 Hogg was the overall winner of the Citadel Words on Money prize.[6] [13]

In 2008 Hogg won the feature prize at the 2008 Citadel Words on Money journalism awards for Best Feature - for interviews broadcasted on Moneyweb's Power Hour radio programme.[8] [13]

Other professional activities

Alec Hogg founded and published “Racing Digest” in 1989, which was South Africa’s first weekly horse racing magazine. [6] [20] Even though the magazine eventually became part of the Caxton Publishing Group, Alec’s involvement in horseracing did not stop. After “Racing Digest” he co-operated with Charl Pretorious to produce a horse racing website called Racingweb, a division of Moneyweb.[1] [21] He is also an owner and breeder of racing horses and is a director of the Racing Association. [15]

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