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Chris Bishop is married to his beautiful black, African woman, Tshidi Bishop who is also a television journChris Bishop - zajournosalist. Currently both him and his wife reside in the upmarket city of Johannesburg, South Africa as he is currently employed by CNBC Africa. This mixed race couple are the proud parents of two beautiful young girls one who is four years, Sarbene. This mixed race have fought many racial prejudices and thus they live a life of anti-racism, a key aspect of the new South African post-Apartheid attitude. This is a couple that incorporate their beliefs into their work as they are accurate and honest journalists.

Career information

His journalistic career started at the Shuttle Times & News before he moved on to jobs in newspapers in Stourbridge, Darlington and Plymouth.
Chris Bishop is a British born journalist with 28 years of journalism and 20 years of television experience under his belt. He has worked at many well-known institutions such as BBC TV news as a news and financial journalist in London, The Botswana Broadcasting Corporation, SABC and The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Zimbabwe and has covered many events all over Africa with places including Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Currently he is working with the CNBC Africa based in Johannesburg whereby he is an anchor in the studio but a journalist by profession. Chris Bishop has a show with the CNBC called The Entrepreneurial Edge.Bishop launched the Botswana's independent television service in 2000 but later resigned his post as head of news and current affairs as a protest about government's interference in news coverage. Bishop started working for this impressive company in July 2009, thus it is a seemingly new adventure at which he is excelling. Alongside his impressive CV Bishop is also specialising on the resourcing and mining industry.
Chris Bishop has lived extensively all over the world from London to Birmingham to Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Chester and Brazil. In 2004 Chris Bishop resigned from his high senior executive producer position with the SABC in order to establish his own business called Information Nation with his business partner Neil Ferguson. The main aim of this new business was to train journalists for Sudan’s national television.
Mr Bishop was the Senior Executive Producer of SABC's award-winning News at Seven programme and has been in Africa for 11 years.
Mr Bishop said: "The journey from Blackwell Street has been difficult. I've interviewed presidents and bandits and seen history unfold before my eyes."

Recognitions and awards

Chris Bishop is a famous and highly praised esteemed journalist, editor, copywriter with over ten years experience of writing features. With contacts all over the world and with enough experience on his CV to help out ten people, it wasn't long until the world discovered and acknowledged this great talent.
Currently Chris Bishop holds the Sir David Beattie Award in recognition of excellence in journalism. He won this award in 1988 for uncovering a plot to assassinate the Qeen of England during a royal tour. Chris Bishop also was awarded the prestigious news reporter of the year also in 1988. Chris Bishop also presented the Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of the Year Award in August 2009.
He was also the Senior Executive Producer of the award-winning News at Seven at SABC, which is definitely a feather in his cap.

Other professional activities

  • Chris Bishop is in fact an experienced specialist on the mining and resource industry.
  • He was once surprisingly a professional game compiler yet he retired in 1999 but still holds onto the hope that one day he will return to this fun profession, that he was once so passionate about.
  • He was the senior executive producer at SABC for three years whereby he ran the national news.
  • Bishop worked for BBC TV News in London for more than four years.
  • In 1999 Chris Bishop became the National News Editor in Johannesburg for the SABC.
  • In 2000 Chris Bishop jet-setted off to Botswana as the Head of News and Current Affairs at BTV.
  • Chris Bishop was trained on British newspapers and also worked at TVNZ in New Zealand. This is where he won his Sir David Bettie Award for Excellence In journalism.
  • On top of all of this Bishop is also a full time father.

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mobile: +27836176082

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