Crystal Orderson

Crystal Orderson relaxes with family
Personal information
Crystal Orderson is from Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a hip-hop lover and supports the new film and media emerging in post- Apartheid South Africa. Orderson is passionate about issues surrounding media and the women therein. She is constantly blogging and writing articles on the lack of women in South African media. Although constantly in the media spotlight, Orderson gives little away about her personal life. However, this quote gives away what type of person she is: "Why should I keep my mouth shut just because I'm a woman and I'm from the Cape Flats?"

Career information, recognitions and awards Crystal Orderson a journalist and media and gender activist . She holds a Master of Arts, in "Gender and Media Studies". She works as a television and radio journalist for the national broadcaster for South Africa, the SABC. In the last seven years she has mainly work on issues regarding post-apartheid South Africa, focusing on gender and youth. She uses a socio-economic perspective and outlook whilst covering her relevant topic, instead of sensationalism.She currently still works for the SABC, as the Senior Political Journalist, covering issues in West Africa. Unfortunately, Orderson has never been publicly recognised or given any prestigious awards. However, it is her career-building that stands out without need for recognition. She started at the SABC in 1995 as an intern, however just a year later she had already been appointed as a reporter at their Cape Town Office. As previously stated, she went on to become the Senior Political Journalist. In 2004 - 2005 she was given the Mandela Scholarship Fund to study oversees at the University of Sussex. This is where she received her MA. Subsequently, she has been in demand to present papers and talk surrounding this topic.

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