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Darren Scott, a resident of Hartebeespoort and a “born a bred Joburger”, is a famous radio and television personality within South Africa. 6 He is currently engaged to former Miss Shark, Sarah-Kate Seaward. 3 His charities of choice include Toy Story, Good Morning Angels, Winter Warmth and Boys Town.14 Scott has won South Africa radio awards and uses his national acclaim to meet philanthropic ends. Scott is contemporarily working for Jacaranda 94.2 radio 10 and East Coast Radio hosting his own shows.12 Scott is an authority on rugby and hosts “Boots n’ All” on Super Sport 1 on Thursday evenings. 4 Darren Scott has interviewed figureheads like Nelson Mandela and Mike Tyson 10 and has received phone calls from celebrities such as David Beckham. 13 Scott has fought many medical conditions such as cancer melanoma. 10 Furthermore, he is becoming more infamous for his controversial “Just Plain Darren” approach to life. 5

Personal information Darren Scott was born on January 26, 19646. Scott was born and grew up in Johannesburg10, South Africa. He is currently engaged to former Miss Shark, Sarah-Kate Seaward3. He lives in Hartebeestpoortt with his Jack Russel, "Scootch."

In 1987, Scott was diagnosed with cancer6 which spread to his groin, leg and glands. However, he did not have chemotherapy treatment. Scott had the cells and glands cut out and was cured with help from a physiotherapist from Durban. After treatment, the swelling in his leg went down 15cm10. He says he chose not to have chemo because he had just started his job at Supersport. He is firmly against drugs, and believes in God6.

He is deeply involved in charities, especially the 'Toy Story' charity and 'Winter Warmth.' He enjoys playing poker, although not seriously. He took part on the 2009 All Africa Poker charity poker game and his charity of choice was 'Boys Town.' He also managed to raise R30 000 for the 'Winter Warmth' charity organisation through East Coast Radio in 200914. He is interested in music and plays golf6. He commutes6 most days between his two jobs at Jacaranda radio and East Coast Radio1. He is a smoker6.

Career information
Darren Scott started his career in radio at Capital Radio in the early 80’s 10. Scott then hosted his own sports talk show on radio 702 in the early 90’s. Later he moved to 5fm were he could be heard during the ‘Just Plain’ show in the afternoon 5 .He then was let go by 5fm in 20035. After this event he decided that he would take a sebaticle for a few years and get away from all forms of radio and television 11.

He returned in 2006 were he was to take over the 12pm to 3pm slot on East Coast radio 11 and also the breakfast show on Jacaranda 94.2 from Monday to Friday 10. He is most recognised for his television show, Boots n All and also for being the continuity presenter during most domestic and international rugby fixtures 10. Most recently he was tested when he was asked to present the cricket show ‘Standard Bank Inside Edge’ when Pommie Mbangwa was on Supersport duty in India for the T20 Champions League 4. Mike Haysman, a very experienced cricket show, host admitted that he learnt a lot of what he knows from Scott when he used to host the cricket show ‘Extra Cover’4.

Recognitions and awards
Darren Scott is renowned for both his professional achievements and award winning radio skills. According to Jacaranda, David Beckham rang up Scott to thank the station for reminding him about his wife’s birthday after an announcement was made on air. Jacaranda 94.2 radio still uses this achievement when advertising the station on a national scale. 2 Scott has interviewed Mandela as well as finding Tyson’s interview most “interesting.” 10 In 2008, Darren Scott won the South African “Best Radio Personality” title. Furthermore, he won, in conjunction with Jacaranda 94.2 radio, the “Most Innovative Radio Show in SA.” 13 Scott has been noted as one of South Africa’s “favourite...stars.” 13

Other professional activities
Darren Scott has interviewed those who matter. He has been privileged enough to have interviewed former president Nelson Mandela, and will be interviewing Mike Tyson on his trip out to South Africa10. A humble philanthropist, Scott is involved in many charitable acts. In July 2009, Scott and Gold Circle won R30 000 on a bet in the Durban July that was then donated to East Coast Radio’s Winter Warmth 2009 Campaign, allowing them to buy 1000 blankets. This was a lucky opportunity which benefited thousands of people this winter14.

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