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Personal information

Debora Patta is an Italian women (44), was initially interested in Drama and she lived with her mother in Cape Town. Where she attended Rustenburg Girls High School.She later finished her degree in Social Sciences at the University of Cape Town where she also taught aerobics to get some extra money.After which she moved to Johannesburg to further her career.She is currently married to New York film-trained director and Zulu prince Lance Levitas.The couple have two daughters,Chiara (9) and Isabella (2). They all live together in a beautiful house in Craighall.Patta and her sister inherited the family business in Italy - they own a hotel in Rome and holiday apartments in the south of Italy, which they run by remote control. In her spare time she loves to either be in the company of friends or sit and watch romantic movies, cooking with her husband, having loud conversations, drinking wine-pure Italian style.Patta also loves to laugh and have fun with her daughter, of which she is very proud of. She also loves reading and claims to be and avid reader who enjoys legal thrillers.

Career information
She arrived in South Africa in 1976.After graduating, she worked as a political activists in the Cape Town Squatter camps in 1894 till 1990. She then moved to Johannesburg where she was intitally a freelance reporter for radio 702.She covered Nelson Mandela's release and election campaign and also travel a lot for 702, to mention but a few, the Gulf War in Baghdad, Princess Di's funeral,Rwandan genocide, many African stories and the Hong Kong Hand-over. Patta also wrote two books - one on Baby Micaela (who was kidnapped at birth) and the other with Nelson Mandela's bodyguard, which gives an anecdotal insight into this great man, 9/11, Obama election campaign.
In 1994 she was made News editor for the station. In 1997 she was editor of Special Assignment and radio 702 then in 1998 she went to go being Senior Correspondant for etv channel.Patta was already Deputy Editor-in- Cheif, Excutive Producer and Anchor for 3rd degree, Cheif Anchor for E-News live and was Managing editor of etv news by the time 2006 had arrived. She was also in charge fro mentoring and training reporters. She has recently resigned as Editor-in-Chief for eNews (first ever female in history of broacasting in Africa), she feels that it is much easier to be focusing on 3rd Degree. She has been in the industry, including producing great work for more than 20 years. Patta also was one of many who led the launch of South Africa's first ever 24 hour news channel.
Recognitions and awards

On top of being a highly recognised hard hitting journalist, Patta has been recognised in many aspects of life, her awarded are as follows:-
1. Simonvlei Awarded her the Journalist Achiever of the year in 2008.
2. In 2004 Vodacom awarded her as Vodacon journalist of the year and also award for Best News commentator in the Gauteng Region.
3. In 1992 Checkers awarded her with the Journalist of the year award.
4. Patta was awarded by MTN as one of the 10 most remarkable women in media in South Africa.
Debora has had to this point 2 books published, namely, Baby Micaela and One step behind Mandela, both of which she was the co author of both the books.
5. Recently Patta won herself yet another Vodacom woman in the media award. She was presented with this award in july 2009

Other professional activities
Her achievements have been supplemented by her expriences before 3rd degree
1. Senoir correspondent for Etv from October 1998-2000.
2. Chief Anchor for eNews live from March 2000-2005.
3. Editor for Special Assignment and Radio 702 from 1997-1998.
4. News Editor for Radio 702 from 1994-1997.
5. Political activist Teacher in Cape Town squatter camps from 1984-1990.
6. Managing director for Etv news in 2005.

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