Devi Sankaree-Govender

Devi Sankaree-Govender


Devi Sankaree Govender is most widely known as one of the top investigative journalists from Carte Blanche. She has covered many ground breaking stories and has won awards for them. She has had many other successes as well, such as having her own weekly column in the Sunday Times, being a devoted wife and mother and also starting up her own business which is related to media. Devi’s most powerful asset as a reporter is the way in which she investigates stories and presents them in a very open manner. She completed her tertiary education at the University of Natal and it was during this time that she also started her radio career, which lasted for several years.

Personal information

Devi was born in Durban and grew up in Umzinto – a small town on the south coast of KZN. She now lives in Johannesburg with her husband of nine years, Perumal, and her two children – Kaiyuree and Sayuran (*).

Devi’s academic background is impressive. In 1993 she completed a BA degree at the University of Natal and in 1994 she attained BA honours. She proceeded to complete a Higher Diploma of Education through UNISA in 1997. In 2000 she received a post graduate diploma in Business Management at the University of Natal and in 2002 she also completed an MBA (*).
The success that Devi has achieved in her career lies, she believes, in her perfectionism, hard work and her ability to draw people out. She feels strongly that her demanding career should not prevent her children from having her guidance and support. As for a philosophy on life, Devi says that “it is either right or wrong – the grey areas are an explanation but not an excuse” (*).

Career information

At the age of 21, Devi’s career in journalism began. Her first journalism job was as a radio presenter and her most memorable radio interview was in 1998 with former President Nelson Mandela (*; 2). While continuing her radio career, in 1996 she started her TV career as a freelance continuity presenter for SABC 1’s Eastern Mosaic (2). While involved in both radio and TV, the Sunday Times invited her to write weekly column- “Devi on Sunday” (*; 2). In January 2002, Devi joined the Carte Blanch team as their youngest investigative television journalist (1). “I watched my very first Carte Blanche episode as a Standard 8 pupil in 1988 and I felt a connection to the programme and knew that I would work for it” (*). Since her first journalism job, she has made some giant leaps in the media industry and feels that “It was a long, hard road but also a rather fun trip” (*). Currently Devi still writes her column for the Sunday Times, which is now into its 11th successive year(*).

Other professional activities

Not only is Devi Sankaree Govender a columnist, investigative reporter and all round wife and mother, she also found time to start her own business, a corporate communications company called, “Devi Sankaree Govender Communications”. As part of this company, she trains senior executives of different companies in media studies. However this is not all: she also makes time in her busy schedule to donate clothes, food and other necessities to various charities. She says, “I feel that this way I am able to make a more meaningful contribution instead of dressing up and looking glam at an event”. Devi plans to stay with Cart Blanche as one of their top investigative journalists and to “to grow Carte Blanche and deliver stories which are credible and thorough”. Her idea is to, “forward journalism in an extremely ‘in your face’ manner and to ensure that people remain accountable. Always”.


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