Duncan McLeod

Duncan McLeod

McLeod is currently a bachelor dedicated to his work, who "always knew [he] loved writing and technology, so decided to marry those two passions".

Personal information

Duncan McLeod, former associate editor of Financial Mail, is a well reputed ICT journalist and has won several awards in recognition of his technological contribution to media. McLeod was born in Cape Town, living there for the first 5 years of his life before he moved to New Castle in Northern Natal. McLeod has a sister, Maya, and was raised by his mother, Beryl, and father, Merebith. After completing his primary education, McLeod was once again on the move - settling in Durban where he remained until the end of his high school career. He considered studying meteorology at the University of Pretoria but as an enthusiast of technology, found his calling studying journalism at Natal Technikon in Durban.

Career information

McLeod first worked as a subeditor for a Johannesburg magazine, PC Report, for one year. In 1994, McLeod began working for at Computer Week and had achieved the status of news editor by the time he had left three years later. Following this, he applied for a job as a technology writer for Financial Mail after noticing they needed an IT writer. Within the 12 years that McLeod wrote for Financial Mail, he was involved in a number of projects, one of which is ‘Future Companythat offers advice about tomorrow's economy, trends, modern technology and debunks economical myths. McLeod was later promoted to technology editor of the Financial Mail. In 2009 he left Financial Mail and began his own publishing business, TechCentral, which began publishing on 1 September 2009. He comments that TechCentral is a “South African Source for technology, reviews and opinions”.

Recognitions and awards

McLeod has won various awards for his enthusiasm in technology and multimedia journalism. In 2005 he was awarded the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year Award as the Financial Mail Associate Editor. This award was launched by Telkom in correlation with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in 2000 and aims to boost national interest in ICT in the media. Vincent Maher, the awards judge, described McLeod’s work as being a unique blend of critical thinking and technical knowledge which made him a clear winner. His prize included a R40 000 cash along with an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong.
His contribution to the Financial Mail was once again noted through the MyADSL Broadband survey which named McLeod the People’s Choice Journalist of the Year for three consecutive years. McLeod first won this award, as chosen by the broadband community, in 2005 with other finalists including Lloyd Gedye (Mail & Guardian) and Paul Vecchiatto (ITWeb). Another award was the 2006 Mainstream Magazine Runner Up, Telkom ICT Journalism Awards.

Other Activities
He modestly describes himself as a "boring guy", although the various technological achievements along side his name seem to suggest otherwise. In McLeod’s spare time, like many South Africans, he often opts to take a more back seat role in the media industry, watching a fair amount of local television. Alternatively, he used to be an enthusiastic hiker, although most of his time now involves thinking up innovative and creative technological contributions for the media industry. He is not currently involved in any community projects but continues to give back with his own take on the technology, winning him the ‘People’s Choice’ Journalist of the Year award for three consecutive years.

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