Gavin Stewart

Professor Gavin Stewart, has great experience in the journalistic world. From studying typograpy to becoming Head of the Department Of Journalism at Rhodes University and finally an independant editorial consultant, travelling back and forth from Johannesburgh and East London.

Personal information:
Professor Stewart studied at the University of Witwatersrand (1966- 1967), where he received his Diploma in Typography and Design. He later went on to do his Honours in Communication at the University of South Africa (1976 - 1978).

Career information:

Stewart has worked at various newspapers such as the Natal Witness, Golden City Post, The Northern Reporter, The Sunday Times and the Rand Daily Mail.1980 - 1992 were the years Stewart spent working at Rhodes University. In the last few years he spent at Rhodes he became Head of the Journalism Department, until his departure. Stewart was also a senior lecturer in Journalism at Natal Technikon ( now Durban University of Technology).

For thirteen years (1993 - 2007), Stewart was the editor of Dispatch Media, working well with his staff, mainting their "Love hate relationship" said Stewart. " I worked well with my staff although sometimes they got angry with especially Eddie (Eddie Botha). When it came to a story he thought I was for the other team".

After leaving the Daily Dispatch, Stewart became the Head of the Print Department at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in Johannesburgh. At present Stewart is an Independant Editorial Consultant.

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Primary Sources:

1) Gavin Stewart:
Telephone: 043 7353254
Cellphone: 0837082719

Secondary Sources:
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Date of inquiry: 19 0ctober 2009




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