Hillary Joffe

Hilary Joffe

Hilary Joffe is undoutedly one of South Africa's most talented financial journalists. Throughout her extensive career and in her current position as the Senior Associate Editor of the Business Day, she has sought to provide her readers with insightful and informative economic journalism, for which she has been nationally recognised. Focusing on issues way beyond her realm of expertise such as Eskom's energy crisis. Hilary Joffe has pushed the boundaries of journalism in South Africa and as a result is a highly respected South African journalist.

Personal information

Hilary Joffe was born in Johannesburg, in 1957. Hilary and her two siblings were raised in Johannesburg for most of her childhood by parents Isaac, an engineer in the steel industry and Zelma, a professional psychotherapist. The family spent two years in Israel during Hilary’s childhood but later relocated back to South Africa. She attended King David School in Johannesburg and matriculated in 1974 and later attended Wits University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors in Industrial Psychology in 1980. She then chose to further her studies abroad, attending Oxford University where she received a Master of philosophy in Sociology degree in 1983. After returning to South Africa Hilary then began an MBA at the Wits school of business however never completed this degree.

Hilary Joffe was married to Proffessor Steven Friedman, Research Associate for the Institute for Democracy in South Africa and renowned South African political columnist. Currently Hilary resides in Johannesburg, where she is the dedicated mother of two boys of the age of 15 and 17.

Career information

Although Hilary has worked as an economist, an academic and a full-time mother, she is best known for her input in South African journalism. Her career began when she joined the Rand Daily Mail newspaper in 1980. A year later she became an economics reporter at the Financial Mail where she would stay for two years. She began working as a lecturer at the University of Cape Town in 1983 as a lecturer in Sociology and Industrial Sociology. She returned to the media four years later as the Business Editor of the Weekly Mail after which she was appointed as a senior economist at Standard Bank. In 1995 she joined Business Day on a part-time basis after having taken some time off from her career to be a full-time mother. Currently she holds the position as the Senior Associate Editor of Business Day and she also writes a weekly column which focuses on economic and social policy as well as the political economy.

Recognitions and awards

Hilary has been recognised for her work in terms of Eskom and the 'power crisis' as she received the Energy Journalism Award this year (2009) from the SA National Energy Association. She has also been a winner in The Sanlam Financial Journalism Awards: in 2005 she won the economics section and in 2007 she won the development economics section. Her highest accomplishment thus far however could be her selection as a Ruth First Fellow in 2008. A very prestigious award only given to those who have achieved highly in the field of journalism. In addition to all of these she also received a US embassy award in 2007.

Other professional activities

Hilary was involved in a public debate discussing the impact of the financial crisis in South Africa at Wits University this year(2009), organised by the universities Humanities faculty, it's Business School and The Financial Times. Hilary also has a keen interest in the 'power crisis' that was felt by the whole of the nation and has devoted much time to exploring and writing on this issue and Eskom. Her views have made a huge contribution to the situation.

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