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Ian MichlerPersonal information
Ian was born and grew up in Cape Town. After attending school and university there, he graduated as a stock broker and practiced as a member of the Johannesburg stock exchange. He was also a partner in two successful broking firms for seven years. Over the past 12 years, Ian has been managing a small lodge as well as giving safaris to the Okavango, Chobe and Linyati regions of Botswana, as well as Namibia, thus gaining extensive knowledge of the area.

Career information
In 1989 Ian Michler left the world of finance despite his success in his career as a stock broker and decided to move to Botswana to become a tour guide and photo-journalist. Ian also writes a monthly column in Africa geographic and Africa Birds & Birdlife, where his main topics of discussion are wildlife management, nature conservation and travel. To view Ian Michler’s articles click here. He takes special interest in current issues such as animal behavioural evolution, ecology, birds, and photography as well as the conservation and environmental challenges and the socio-political and economic issues in Africa. Due to his extensive traveling his expertise includes big game, photography, birding, walking, cultural knowledge and horseback riding.

Recognitions and awards

He is a past winner of the AGFA wildlife photographic competition under the bird category.

Other professional activities
Ian lectures a short course at the University of Cape Town on eco-conservation. He also now gives safaris to Zimbabwe and Zambia, and is starting to tour Kenya and Mozambique. A main theme in all his safaris is nature conservation in Africa. This comes from his passion for the big five, birds and plants. In addition to this, he gives safaris which are suitable for photography and cultural relevance such as his tours into the Kalahari to visit the San people. He has authored 6 books: This is Mozambique, Mozambique; A Visual Souvenir, Botswana – The Insiders Guide, Zanzibar- The Insiders Guide, Kenya and Tanzania – The Insiders Guide and Victoria Falls – The Insiders Guide, in which he captures the essence of Southern Africa through the lens of his camera. He is also the co-ordinator of various international natural history documentaries.

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