Jacques Pauw

Jacques Pauw

Jacques Pauw is an multi- award winning South African journalist who came to prominence as one of the founding members of the Afrikaans newspaper Die Vrye Weekblad.

He has also already published four novels and is currently involved in the Wits University Justice project.

Recognitions and awards

His work has been showcased around the world and has received a series of both national and international awards. The last decade has bestowed the prestigious CNN “African Journalist of the Year” upon him, once in 1999 and then again in 2000.

The year 2000 was one of particular achievement, in which Mr. Pauw received 2 NTVA AVANTI Craft Awards and a Premo Ilaria Alpi Award in Italy. He was the granted “Journalist of the Year” by Vodacom as well as the John Manyarara Investigative Award in 2004.

Other awards include: the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Award, the
Young African Leadership Award and the Nat Nakasa Award from the Southern African Editors' Forum for integrity and bravery in journalism in 2007.


Pauw was the co-founder of the the first Afrikaans anti-Apartheid newspaper, Die Vrye Weekblad. The newspaper achieved international acclaim when Pauw broke the apartheid death squad story in November 1989.

Following the dissolving of Die Vrye Weekblad , Pauw went on to work for the SABC, producing the critically acclaimed The Truth Commission Special Report, a documentary focusing on The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

In 1998 Pauw became the producer of a investigative journalism show, Special Assignment. He resigned from the SABC's Special Assignment team in 2007, following the resignation of then chief executive and editor in chief, Dali Mpofu.

Other Professional Activities

Apart from being an award winning journalist, Jacques Pauw has had and will have much more to offer. His other professional activities (outside his current journalistic activities) include the writing of award winning novels.

Pauw wrote two novels in 1997, “Into the Heart of the *****: The Story of Apartheid's Killers” and “Into the Heart of Darkness: Confessions of Apartheid's Assassins” detailing true events regarding the South African tragedy. His more recent achievements outside the realm of his journalistic endeavours include the writing of a third book, “Dances with devils: A journalists search for truth” which was published in 2006 and a fourth novel “Little ice cream boy” which was published in 2009.

Pauw’s most recent activities include his appointment to head the Wits Justice Project, as director. The project experiments in teaching and reporting about the issues of people being unjustly jailed in South Africa.

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