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Not much is known about Jillian Green and her personal life, apart from her accomplishments and career as a journalist. She began her career in Durban at The Mercury news paper, she is now one of the youngest female journalist to hold an editorial position in an independent newspaper. Born in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, she currently resides in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She is well known for her extensive involvement in the public awareness in issues of HIV/AIDS. Green was also part of the Collaboration with International AIDS Conference- Journalist to Journalist Toronto Fellows which was held in Toronto in 2006. She was one of the journalist who received recommendations from the judging panel at the seventh annual Mondi Shanduka awards February 2008.

Personal information

Jillian Green (born 24 September 1977) is a South African Journalist and known for her work on HIV / AIDS reporting. She was born in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, and currently resides in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She has four siblings, Whitfield, Emmanualm, Mark and Theresa. She is married to her partner Jocelyn Adamson. She attended Raisethorpe Primary School (now called Forest Hill) and received her high school diploma from Haythorne Senior Secondary school. Green graduated from ML Sultan Technicon, receiving a B-tech in Journalism. She describes her inspiration for becoming a journalist as a, “belief that through objective, accurate and factual reporting, one can make a difference”. Tom French is her current inspiration. Green is involved with the reporting of issues surrounding and of HIV / AIDS, believing that, “HIV / AIDS is one of the biggest health issues facing our country, I believe by reporting on the disease, its impact on those infected and affected, the trajectory of the disease can be changed. My hope is that people will change their behaviour with more knowledge about the disease”. She worked for The Mercury, but has been working for The Star for the past 7 years, where she is currently the news editor.

Career information

Jillian Green is ranked among the most successful journalists in South Africa, she began her career as a journalist writing for The Mercury in Durban. She then wrote for The Star independent newspaper for two years (2005-2006) and was later appointed as a senior Aids reporter. She covered stories around the pandemic aids which was said to be neglected by the media, covering controversial issues and the harsh realities of those who lived with the disease in South Africa. [3] As Her outstanding contribution to the media gained recognition; she branched with her skills to report for The Daily news as Health and Science reporter, there she continued reporting about HIV and AIDS, focusing on the science of the virus and syndrome. With a number of awards and nominations under her belt, CNN awarded her as Africa journalist of the year for her reporting on HIV and AIDS. [5]

Recognitions and awards

Jillian Green was nominated as a finalist with a judge’s commendation for the 7th Annual Mondi Shanduka Newspaper Awards in February 2001 for her story, ‘The Man Who Danced with Death printed in The Star.[4] From a record 575 entries across the 10 categories, the judging panel handpicked a shortlist of some 32 finalists and 25 commended journalists. Nine category winners have shared in R165, 000 in prize money. Being an accomplished health and science journalist, Jillian Green won the 2005 Mental Health Media Award for the same story in the newspaper category in October of the same year. The Mental Health Media Awards honour journalists who had played a significant role in informing the public about mental health and illness in the past year. [9]

Other professional activities

Further more, besides being a Journalist at Independent Newspapers in the Johannesburg area, Jillian Green also contributes to the Cape news- the Cape Times, a newspaper that provide its readers with business, financial and regional news especially for the Cape Town residents. She is a health and science reporter and well known as being the Star’s Aids reporter. Green and her colleague, Thobeka Zazi Ndabula, were volunteer caregivers at the Orlando Footprints Hospice, Soweto in December last year. Green reports on her experience in the Hospice: “It is my first day of a two-week stint working as volunteer at the Orlando Footprints Hospice in Soweto and my first duty is to change Lydia's nappy. At 64 years old, Lydia has suffered a stroke and as result has lost the use of the left side of her body, is unable to speak and is incontinent”. Green was also part of the Collaboration with International AIDS Conference- Journalist to Journalist Toronto Fellows which was held in Toronto in 2006 (NPF 2006 [10]. She was part of the dialogue session reporting about the pandemic where Nozizwe Madlala Routledge made a speech on HIV/AIDS and the media: “I work for Independent News­papers, one of the biggest groups in the country. We have newspapers in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, yet within our group we cannot synergise. We have health reporters in each centre but to actu­ally get talking is a mission and we haven’t got it right.” Comments Green. contextualising the editor's forum 2009 [(09]

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