Judy Sandison

Ms Judith Sandison (born July 22 1953) is a well-known South African media practitioner. She is currently the editor of the New Media Unit at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Ms Sandison has been involved in the South African Media since the mid-1970s, and has won many awards for her journalism. She is married to Mr Malcolm Millar. Ms Sandison was the secretary-general of the South African National Editors forum, and currently Chairs of Diversity and Ethics committee. She has also been involved in various campaigns as a gender activist.

Personal information
Judy Sandison is an award winning broadcast journalist who has been honoured with several overseas fellowships, she was formerly Regional Editor in KwaZulu Natal, responsible for news and current affairs on Ukhozi fm and lotus fm, as well as for news on East Coast Radio before it was sold by the SABC. Judy was born in Pietermaritsburg, as the youngest of four children. She is married to Malcolm Millar, a Hilton Collegeold boywho shares her passion for adventure. She has a BA from University of Natal after attending Pietermaritsburg Girls High, a B.Proc from Unisa and a Masters degree from Southwest Texas University. She is currently also Secretary-General of the South African National Editors Forum. Judy is always up for a challenge, and has learnt how to fly aeroplanes in her spare time, conquered Mount Kilimanjaro and even run a pub back in her University days.

Judith May Sandison is currently juggling the daunting tasks of Editor of the New Media Unit at the SABC, an external moderator for Broadcast Journalism at the Durban University of Technology, she also serves as an executive member of the South African National Editors' Forum. She has also been Regional Editor of radio news in Kwazulu-Natal, she has through the years been a reporting editor for both radio and television news. Ms Sandison was also part of the SABC parliamentary team between(1974-1989), she has fulfilled many roles of Secretary General Co-ordinator and Diversity Committee chair in the South African National Editors' forums National Council. She has also been the Acting Editor in Chief with the brief to drive SABC radio news to transformation, she has also been a speaker at the United Nations Symposium on the role of media in creating political tolerance in South Africa.

Recognitions and Awards
  • Highway Africa Award for Use of New Media in African Journalism for news-on-Demand service established in Zimbabwe in conjunction with Econet Wireless. (2001)
  • USIA International Visitors Programme to examine electronic media and law in Eastern USA.(1995)
  • SABC Radio Artes, Best Audio News/Investigative Journalism. (1990)
  • SABC Human Interest Award. (1989)
  • SABC Radio Artes, Best Audio News. (1989)
  • Rotary Foundation tour to USA to promote international understanding. (1987)
  • Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship. (1981-1982)
  • Jaycee National Promoters Award. (1979)
Other Professional Activities
She was the founder of the Pietermaritsburg rape crisis centre. She is also an external moderator for Broadcast Journalism at the Durban University of Technology. She, along with eleven other women, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in the 2005 Celebrate Life Climb, to try and raise 1 million rand for Highway Hospice.

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