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"I love journalism. It's different, the people are different, the pressure is different and when it all comes together, whether it be story writing , projecting a story or getting the entire edition together, there simply isn't a better feeling." Kevin Ritchie.

Personal information

Wilson George Kevin Ritchie was born on the 25th of March 1965. However, in the work place and at home he is better known as Kevin. His home language is English. He is married and has four children. He was born in Scotland and moved to Zambia in 1970 at the age of five. He returned to Scotland in 1973 at the age of eight, to begin boarding school. In 1976 His parents moved to South Africa. After his completion of boarding school in Scotland, at the age of 13 (1976) Ritchie moved to another boarding school “MichaelHouse the Anglican Diocesan College for boys” in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where he matriculated. During university vacations he used to work on the Free State gold mines. Ritchie adds that a seminal moment in his life was when he was academically excluded from Rhodes University. Therefore it took him six years to complete his BA degree at Rhodes University. Being a journalist is all Ritchie has ever wanted to do, and during his career, he has tried and experienced almost every aspect involved with it.

Career information

Since 1991 Ritchie has been working in the media industry rising to his current position as Saturday Star managing editor. Ritchie began his professional career with a slight hiccup being denied access into the Argus Cadet School at the Star in Johannesburg. Ritchie secured a spot at the Diamond Fields Advertiser, Kimberley 1991. After eighteen months Ritchie become the stand in editor of the DFA after the death of his predecessor, Charlie Guild. By 1996 Ritchie rose to the manager of the Kimberly branch of the Independent Newspapers combining his editorial position with running the branch juggling advertising, press room circulation, the finance department and editing the DFA for seven years. In 2003 Ritchie moved to Johannesburg to lead the Independent Newspapers special projects division. 18 months later Ritchie Moved to Independent News Network, ultimately running the group and coordinating the group’s coverage across the four streams of 17 newspapers. Ritchie has in addition to all of this written Reporting the courts: a handbook for South African journalists which was a postgraduate project done for no profit which has seen varying degrees of erratic success. In 2007 Richie became the managing editor of the Saturday Star.

Recognitions and awards

Ritchie is a prestigious journalist who regards his strongest character traits as empathy and passion. He loves South Africa and believes it is a privilege to reflect its realities through his journalism. The driving force behind his success is his family, his love for journalism, and the fact that he wakes up everyday eager for work. Ritchie has received two Regional Vodacom awards for the Centeral Region, one award for columns, and the other for feature writing. Amongst Ritchie's role models are writer Brendan Seery, editor Moegsien Williams, and projectionist Dave Hazelhurst. Ritchie stubbornly maintains that awards deflects from the true purpose of writing. Ritchie capitalises on every journalistic assignment and affirms every opportunity as an enriching, learning experience.

Other professional activities
Kevin Ritchie's life is consumed with his work as editor for the Saturday Star. His hobbies include reading, watching movies and spending time with his family. The Ritchie that you find in the newsroom is much the same Ritchie that you find elsewhere in the world. He is energetic, keen, enthusiastic, unafraid to speak what is on his mind and often struggles to relax. He has a boisterous character, and never seems too busy to meet and talk to new people, which is as much a part of the job description as the actual work that he is expected to do. Being a journalist has played a major role in defining Ritchie as the person, husband and father that he is. He has a large family to which he is heavily committed, and he has been forced to learn how to properly manage his time. Has even had to find extra paying work to support them. Through this he has gained invaluable experience as a journalist; experience which he has used to get him into the position that he is today.

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