Kim Cloete

Kim Cloete
Personal information
Kim Cloete is a Cape Town born entrepeneur, she grew up in Bonteheuwel where she did her primary and secondary schooling. She recieved a scholarship to study accounting at the University of
Cape town

Career information
She moved to Johannnesburg in 2001 to pursue a career in television, she started off by presenting a popular
kiddes show craze and later presented a variety of television shows since then,she started television
production company with husband Rowen Cloete long Island productions, which is known for shows
like stook and kyknet. she is currently producing an internation travel show which will be presented
by Kim herself
Other professional activities
Kim is also a co- owner of apartments around Johannesburgs northern suburbs, she also renovates and decorate these apartments herself. Kim also started a forum called Dreamer’s Child which deals with breaking the silence of sexually abused children and dealing with its effects as adults. She broke the silence of her 15 year of abuse and successfully completed her first schools tour in Windhoek in 2009.

Primary Sources
Kim Cloete
Secondary Sources
Rowen Cloete

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