Nikiwe Bikitsha

Nikiwe BikitshaSummary Nikiwe Bikitsha is an award winning South African journalist, TV and radio presenter, who grew up in Cape Town, and got her big break into the media industry as an intern at 567 Cape Talk radio station in 1997. She is currently based in Johannesburg, and is studying towards an Honours degree in Journalism at Wits University, whilst working as a news anchor for E News channel.

Personal information Nikiwe Bikitsha (31), born in 1978 is part of a family of five members. After living in Cape Town for several years and before returning to the Transkei Mpumi Bikitsha(1.)(mother), and her late husband Boy Bikitsha(father) who was killed in a car accident; gave birth to three children. The first-born is Simphiwe(37) also known as Brian, is married with two kids and runs a plant hire company in Johannesburg, the second born and first daughter is Vuyo(33) who also has three kids, and lastly Nikiwe who is a journalist and TV presenter and a mother to her six year old son; Gushi. She is the youngest of three children and is very close to her family. The well respected Nikiwe Bikitsha has been living in Johannesburg for five years now after growing up in Cape Town because she claims she loves the energy and vibrancy of the people. She is a committed member of the Bethesda Methodist Church which is her spiritual home.

Career information
Nikiwe Bikitsha studied Journalism at Rhodes University (2) and has 12 years of experience as a media worker and journalist. Immediately after graduating in 1997, she launched her career as a radio presenter on 567 Cape Talk. She was one of the first journalists on the scene of the Planet Hollywood Bombing in 1998 which was also covered by international broadcasters such as CNN. When Etv was launched in 2001, Nikiwe was one of the anchors of its breakfast show Morning Edition while at the same time working as a senior reporter and news anchor at 702 talk radio. In 2002 her career took a progressive turn when she was approached by talk radio station SAfm to co-host AM Live together with the much respected veteran John Perlman. Between 2002 and 2006 she embarked on a career in television as a presenter on the cutting-edge current affairs programme Interface(3) on SABC 3. She also worked for CNBC Africa(4) in 2007. She recently joined the eNews(5) channel as co-anchor of News Night with Jeremy Maggs. She is also currently a columnist for the Mail & Guardian , co-presenter of SABC 3’s magazine programme Africa Inc.(6) with Siki Mgabadeli and is studying towards her honours in Journalism at Wits University.

Recognitions and awards
Nikiwe Bikitsha was awarded the “MTN Women in the Media” award in 2006, at the age of 28, and placed in the ‘Rising Star’ category for that year. (6) This award is given every year to specifically women journalists, who are below 30 years old, who have produced work of an excellent standard. The “MTN Women in the Media” award celebrates women in the South African media industry who have achieved in their careers.(7) Exceptional women are chosen from a mass of nominations which represent women on the academic, commercial and content sides of the media. Bikitsha was one of the first journalists covering the Planet Hollywood bombing incident in 1998 for media networks such as CNN and BBC; co-hosted a current affairs radio show AM Live; as well as presented SABC 3's current affairs show Interface.

Other professional activities
(8) She is a committed member of the Bethesda Methodist Church which is her spiritual home. She is part of the team that will launch the church's website. She also currently writes a social commentary column for the Mail & Guardian entitled High Heels. (2)As mentioned before, she is currently completing her honours in journalism at Wits University and she plans to study for a Masters in economic development or international relations next year.

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