Nontyatambo Petros

Nontyatambo Petros


Nontyatyambo “Ntyatyi” Petros, an ex-Rhodes student, was born and bred in the Eastern Cape. She started out her work career with a joint BA Honours in Journalism and Industrial Sociology; as an Account Executive at Admark Recruitment Advertising in 1997 and is presently the Deputy Editor & Executive Editor of the Business Report. This is a business-based newspaper, in which she manages 12 writers and two news editors.

Her future looks very bright as she constantly opens her mind in order to gain as much knowledge as she possibly can. She is also a part-time Unisa student, anticipating a certificate in Strategic Management and Corporate Governance.
(4) She has many recognitions and acknowledgments under her name including being nominated by the Open Society Foundation for the Graca Machel Women in Media Award (winner not announced yet).

Personal information

Nontyatyambo Petros, known as Ntyatyi (3), was born on 3 June 1975 at Victoria Hospital, Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa. As an only child, most of her youth was spent growing up in the small town of Alice until moving to Fort Beaufort in 1982, and to Grahamstown in 1986. She currently lives in Johannesburg.

As a child, Nontyatyambo longed to fulfill her father's vision of becoming a lawyer, yet found her niche in the journalism industry. She attended six different schools throughout her life, namely Amakuze Primary School Sub, Yellow Woods Primary, Balfour Primere School, Good Shepherd, St Mary's Primary and Mary Waters. She graduated from Rhodes University in 1996, with a joint honours degree in Journalism and Media Studies and Industrial Sociology.(2)

As a deputy editor of Business Report, a national newspaper based in Johannesburg, Nontyatambo enjoys discussing and shaping story ideas, mentoring younger journalists and writing her weekly column. "I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge," says Nontyatyambo, "and as a journalist, I have to know a lot of things. The cherry on top is getting to know them before most people do."

Nontyatyambo Petros says that she finds great inspiration from her mother and her interests include politics, reading, watching wildlife documentaries and furthering her academic studies.

Career information

In January 1997, Nontyatyambo Petros worked at Admark Recruitment Advertising as an Account Executive. A year later, in September 1998, she worked at the National Research Foundation as a Senior Research Administrator. She then became an Assistant Editor at Metropolis as from July 1999; she retained her position till March 2000. A month later Petros joined the staff at Business Day, she maintained various positions such as being a Labour Correspondent, Media Correspondent and being an Online News Editor. (4)

In 2004, Petros came back to work where she was originally born, in Grahamstown. She was the Editor for the community newspaper, Grocott’s Mail.
(4) This job she undertook almost two years before moving back to the big city in Johannesburg to work at Financial Mail. Here she gained the positions of being a Projects Editor and a Commissioning Editor. As from July 2007 Petros has been working at Business Report. She is currently the Deputy Editor and the Executive Editor.

Recognitions and awards

Nontyatyambo has been a very prominent woman in South African journalism and has received many awards and been nominated for a certain number of competitions in the media world. She has been featured in Mail and Guardian publications twice – the first time in 2006 for “300 young South Africans to Take out to Lunch”. The latest and ongoing publication has been from 2007 to 2009 for the “Mail and Guardian’s Book of South African Women”. Her latest recognition is her nomination by the Open Society Foundation for the Graca Machel Women in Media Award. The winner is still to be announced, and Nontyatyambo is a strong contestant.

Other professional activities

In 2002, Nontyatyambo was chosen to go to the United Nations Fellowship for Print Journalists and Broadcasters in Washington DC (4). Nontyatyambo has also been chosen to be a judge multiple media events. From 2007 to 2009 she was one of the judges in the Leading South African Managers competition. She was also a judge in the 2009 Topco National Business Awards. While at Grocott’s Mail during 2004 and 2005 lead the team to win the Nissan Community Newspaper of the Year Award in 2005 for the best small town newspaper. Her team also won the Sanlam Community Photographer of the Year.

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