Patricia Glyn

Patricia Glyn
Patricia Glyn (born 10 December 1959)[a] is a South African adventure journalist and media trainer, who has worked for both radio and television. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia and started her career as a PR in London. She has worked for both SAfm and SABC hosting many different shows including Patricia’s People (for radio) and Point Blank (for television).[2] She is very passionate about documentaries and from 2002 she has gone on many expeditions, including The Blue Cross Challenge in Zimbabwe (2002), a trip up Mount Everest (2003) and a trip from Durban to Victoria Falls (2005).[1]

Patricia Glyn also does media training with a few South African companies and she gives talks about her various expeditions. She has also written many books about her expeditions and she has often appeared as a guest on television shows such as A Word or 2 and Who Do You Think You Are?[2][3] She is an atheist, a feminist and an animal rights activist. She now lives in Johannesburg where she plans to start a farm animal sanctuary.[a]

Personal information

Patricia Glyn was born in Zambia on 10 December 1959. She spent much of her early childhood in Lusaka on a farm. Her father was a doctor. She completed her primary school education in Lusaka, and her high school education in Zimbabwe. She graduated with a BA in English and Drama from the University of Cape Town.[2] She also dabbled in French and Music.[a]

Patricia has never married or had any children and is an atheist. She is both a vegan and a firm believer in the promotion of animal rights. She has a wide variety of animals, mostly rescued from farms and abattoirs, and has expressed her wishes to start a sanctuary for all rescued and abandoned animals.[a] When not giving talks and going on new adventure trails, Patricia lives in her home in Johannesburg.

Career information

Patricia Glyn started her career as a Public Relations Officer for Anglo American and later for a PR consultancy in London.[2] She returned to South Africa in 1985 where she trained in opera but this did not work out because she was too driven about the task.[a]

In 1990 she became a presenter on SAfm, which is where her journalistic career took form. She started work in television in 1991 and has hosted some shows such as Antennae (1991), Six on One and Point Blank (1996). Her show Antennae saw her interviewing local South African celebrities, this show was soon replaced by the show Six on One which was similar to Antennae but also required Patricia to read the news.[3] Her documentary show, Point Blank, allowed her to travel around South Africa and document the sleazy parts of her country.[3] She worked in television and radio for about 13 years before leaving SAfm in the early 2000’s.

She joined an expedition up Mount Everest in March 2003, from which she published a diary and developed her writing skills. She has made many documentaries about herself, including a lone horsewoman’s attempt to cross Africa from coast to coast, begging at the downtown traffic lights to get the feel of being a beggar and spending 3 days in a mortuary.[1]

In 2005 she travelled on foot from Durban to Victoria Falls, following the path her ancestors. She now travels the world giving talks about her various expeditions and on animal activism. She plans to go on another expedition soon, of which the details are not currently available.[a]

Recognitions and awards

She won the Star newspaper’s Tonight award for best television journalism show in 1996.[a] She has had two of her diaries from her expeditions published. The books are entitled "Off Peak" and "Footing With Sir Richard’s Ghost."[1]

Other professional activities

Other than being a very successful television and radio journalist, Patricia has also written books about her numerous adventures. These include her account of her time at Mount Everest base camp during the discovery expedition there in 2003 and her account of walking from Durban to the Victoria Falls in the footsteps of her ancestors in 2005. Patricia is also a regular corporate speaker, and has given talks to many companies, amongst others Anglo American, Vodacom, Discovery and Old Mutual.

She has also appeared on many South African television programs such A Word or 2 and Who Do You Think You Are?[2][3]

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