Steven Lang

Steven Lang

Personal information:
Steven Lang is a married man with 4 children of which two are working in Johannesburg and two are studying in Grahamstown in Victoria high. He was born in Johannesburg, he lived and worked in Johannesburg. Steven Lang has been executive producer at SAfm producer of the current affairs for the past two years, overseeing a team of 30 journalists. . His parents never had a problem with whatever career he was on. He said all they wanted was him making lot of money. And though he never intended to work as in journalism, over the years he has fallen in love with it. His wife is working as an administrator in journalism and media studies in Rhodes University, and lives in Duncan Street, Grahamstown. His four kids are: Candies (24), a teacher, Christopher (22) owns a business in Johannesburg for car publications. Malagre (11), a Portuguese name meaning miracle and Zoe(4)a Greek name meaning life. His young daughter Zoë who was present during our interview with Steven Lang and she described her father as “loving, funny, caring, and nice. Steven Lang said he gets along well with his workers and a woman who entered during our interviewed agreed to this and they all laughed louder.

Career information
Steven Lang currently works as an editor for Groccots mail. But before he came to Eastern Cape he lived and worked in Johannesburg, where he worked for
in Radio and TV. He has also lived in Brazil where he worked as an English teacher and translator for 5 years and learned Portuguese in the process. Steven Lang has also lived in the United States for two years. In his early years Steven Lang has attended Park Hurts Junior, Park View Senior and Park Town Boys High School, the school he says is the most well known in Johannesburg. He then attended Wits University, where he studied Bcom for three years before he changed his fortunes and entered to journalism. SABC wanted someone who could speak Portuguese and applied and got the job and the rest is history. He is well travelled man as he has a stint in Senegal, Taiwan and Somali and has written scripts for the OAU. For SABC he did the following print, radio, TV and online news website.

Recognitions and awards He says that journalism is not an easy job and requires passion and dedication, and said he has been in war zones. He won a radio piece in Portuguese about oils spills in Maputo (script about CSI). He has not won a lot in his career but he said what keep him going is his passion and the fact that journalism give him the opportunity to work with different people and people in grass root level and he said you get to know more about people and that on ots own is an award to him.

Other professional activities
Besides the fact that he studied Bcon he said if he was not a media worker he does not know what he will be doing if he was not a journalist. However he also works as a translator and consultant. Steven Lang says journalism has changed over time. One of the reasons being the dramatic improvement in technology, he says in the olden days when he started working for the media things were different, one has to be strong to carry big taping machines and people do not like journalists, they see them as people who interfere with their private lives. He says now it is easy carry a small tape or sophisticated cell phone and people will not even be suspicious of him or be not willing to share their knowledge. He says he is happy to be a media worker and do not see himself moving away form the media. He said he like taking photographs when there are events in Grahamstown, strikes, festivals or ceremonies. As already said he learnt journalism on the job, and he said of his job “ in journalism you get to know about other people's interest and feelings.'' "the problem with the old taps was that they would work for specific time and stop and you have to reset the tape approximately for fifteen minutes. He says that he is still in contact with his former colleague at SABC and through out his career he has worked mostly indoors" he said.

Primary Sources: Groccots Mail & face to face intervirw with Steven Lang

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