Thomas Kwenaite

Thomas Kwenaite


Thomas Kwenaite is a well-known South African journalist, sports writer and reporter. Kwenaite continues to influence the South African Media industry particularly the sports arena. Kwenaite has been noted as one of South Africa's leading sports and investigative journalists and has gain nationwide recognition for his hard work and no-nonsense approach. He has been involved with various kinds of journalism, from broadsheet print with the Sunday Times to television with DSTV's SuperSport channel. Kwenaite has even had the opportunity to branch into "new media" with his column on the SuperSport website.

rsonal information

Mokwena Thomas Kwenaite was born and raised in the townships of Pretoria. He grew up with the nickname “chicks” which derived from the name his mother called him, Nchimane. After being told by his teacher that knowledge was the route to power, Kwenaite craved knowledge and learning and so he decided to become a journalist.
Kwenaite has a wife named Refilwe, and three children; Kgomotso who is 24, Ofentse who is ten, and Redihentse who is only five. Along with being a hard-working individual he is a family man; “I always try to see the good in people” said Kwenaite in a SuperSport interview. This is his best character trait but of course, there is always the down side, he believes that he trusts people too much at times and therefore gets hurt and let down. He hopes to learn from these mistakes.
Kwanaite, though famous in the sporting world, is an ordinary man with ordinary hobbies, likes and dislikes. He is a fan of Nandos chicken, Chinese stir-fry and apple juice. A few of Kwenaite's favourite films include: ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. His favourite holiday destination is Durban but he dreams to go to Zanzibar. Kwenaite drives a BMW 318i, enjoys reading, the outdoors and travelling.

Career information

As a young boy growing up, Kwenaite craved knowledge because a teacher had told him it’s the route to success. Thomas Kwenaite is a respected member of the society, many people look up to him not only for the person he is but also the excellent journalist he is. From a ticket manager at Spoornet to packing meat pies at a confectionary store in Pretoria he sure has risen from the ashes.
He used to be a journalist for the “Sunday Times” newspaper. Also specialising in investigative journalism, he pursued a major investigation into corruption in football where he made a name for himself.
He is now a sports reporter for SuperSport South Africa and gives his no-nonsense opinion on sports events throughout Africa everyday.
His goal is to establish his own production company and dreams of hosting his own sport radio show.

Recognitions and awards

Kwenaite has won several awards and has had several recognitions as a journalist, these include:

-1987, SAB Sports Writer of the Year Award

-1990, Coca-Cola Feature Writer of the Year
SABC TopSport Award (TV Presenting)

-1992, Smirnorf Sports Writer of the Year award
SAB Sports Writer of the Year Award
Adidas Golden Pen Winner

-1997, Winner of the Ruth First Award for Courageous Journalism

-1998, MTN Sports Writer of the Year

His Sports achievements in football include:

-1987, Silver Medal in the Argus Annual Games

-2001, Gold Metal in the SAB Media Day Tournament

Other professional activities

Other than being a regular soccer presenter on SuperSport, TK(as he is known on television) has a regular column on the SuperSport website.

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