Thulani Mbatha

Personal information

> Full name: Thulani "Patrick" Mbatha
> Born 6 September 1972, in a village known as Inhlawathi, KwaHlabisa, in Zululand.
> Went to junior primary at Umlambozana School (named after the Umlambozana River next to the school)
> Senior primary at Inhlawathi School
> Secondary schooling at Mkhaliphi School

Career information

> Worked as at LoungeFurn Industries for 3 years firstly as an upholsterer, then in the dispatch department and finally in the customer relations department.
> Studied Journalism at ML Sultan Technikon where he obtained national diploma
> He then went to Natal Technikon where he obtained a B-Tech degree
> Attended a certificate course on sport writing at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ)
> Attended Essentials of Newspaper Management certificate course at the Sol Plaatjie Institute, Rhodes University
> Joined Independent Newspapers Kwa-Zulu Natal (INKZN) as an intern in 1996
> Contributing journalist for the now-defunct Next Magazine, published by the Republican Press
> Freelanced for Post newspaper at INKZN as a general news reporter
> Freelanced for Daily News and Independent on Saturday covering their amateur and first division soccer leagues
> Appointed sports writer at Post in 1998
> Two years later, acted as sports editor for the same publication
> Founding sports editor for Isolezwe in 2002
> Appointed editor of Isolezwe in 2006
> Editorship extended to include Isolezwe ngeSonto (Isolezwe's Sunday sister paper)

Recognitions and awards

> Although Mbatha is a full-time journalist his additions to the world of journalism have yet to be recognized.

Other professional activities

> Mbatha is a full-time journalist and therefore, chooses not to devote much of his time to other endeavours.

Points of Interest

> He regards Mike Mpakathi, ex- editor of Next Magazine and Cyril Madala, public relations officer in the Kwa-Zulu Natal premier's office, as his some of his greatest journalistic influences.
> He dislikes being called by his middle name.
> Contrary to popular belief, he has no affiliation with The Sunday Times - since, it is published by Independent Newspapers' competition.
> He freelanced for a full year before becoming a professional journalist.
> He is currently enrolled in numerous courses in his hopes to further his understanding of the managerial side of commercial publishing.
> He has had to deal with a few unruly readers over controversy caused by some of the articles he has written. At one point he was even assaulted.


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