Xolani Gwala

Xolani Gwala

[1]Xolani Gwala hails form the province of KwaZulu Natal. He has now been in the media industry for over ten years. He is currently the host of the PM Live talk show on SA FM and Asikhulume on SABC 1. He is considered one of the top media workers in South Africa with an extensive reputation of once working abroad. He has also been recognised as an influential and inspirational male journalist in South African media.

Personal information
Xolani Gwala was born in 1975 in Impendle, a small town 60km away from Pietermaritzburg. He completed his grade12 at St. Marys Secondary School. In 1993, he studied for a diploma in Public Relations Management, also known as Media Studies at Natal Technikon in Durban, KwaZulu Natal and completed it in 1995[9] . Gwala has four siblings, three brothers and one sister, of which he is the oldest and both his parents are still alive and married. He also has two daughters. Gwala believes in good working ethics, he respects his fellow colleagues and those with whom he associates on a daily basis. His work takes up almost 100% of his time. Even though he did not initially plan to work in the media industry, he has now grown to love it and that keeps him going.

Career information
Gwala's career began fifteen years ago during his days at campus radio while studying at Natal Technikon[6]. He got his first media job outside campus a year after he completed his diploma. He started his journalistic career as a newsreader in Durban at Ukhozi FM (the biggest radio station in South Africa) then went to P4 Radio which is based in Durban[5]. After that, his opportunities in the media industry increased. He got a job in Johannesburg as a reporter for the Talk Radio 702. Gwala made it amongst other interviewees as a senior reporter, newsreader and a talk show host for SABC Africa in 2000. He has also hosted the flagship English current affairs programme, News Hour, on SABC 3 in 2001. He left the SABC to join the Middle Eastern radio station 93.6 RAM FM as news editor in February 2008[2]. He is now back in SA and he is currently hosting Asikhulume on SABC 1 and PM Live on SA FM[7]. Apart from this, he also hosts and co-hosts other shows on SA FM during the week.

Recognitions and awards
Xolani Gwala is widely known by South African TV viewers. He is famous for his television talk show Asikhulume which plays on SABC1 every Sunday. He has received recognition from millions of South African TV viewers and radio listeners for his SABC 1 talk show, Asikhulume, and his SA FM talk show, PM Live which also plays every Sunday.PM Live is well known for its political and challenging talks which attract people who are interested in knowing about politics, giving their views and being kept updated with current affairs. Asikhulume, which currently has over 1million viewers is number two out of the top five talk shows in South Africa. It is also ranked 755th out of 2127 shows in South Africa[8]. In 2004, Gwala was nominated for best male programme presenter and his show, Asikhulume, was nominated for best talk show[10]. He was listed in the Mail and Guardian's 300 Young South African media workers in 2009[4].

Additional information
Xolani Gwala believes that for as long as people live, they should always make an effort to achieve more because according to him, human beings will always achieve new things hence life is a working progress. Apart from all of his achievements, he still believes that he has not achieved anything because he still has life ahead of him and there is a lot that needs to be done. He believes that if someone of his age still has the drive to achieve more and make a difference, surely younger people should not limit the potential and abilities they have. His profession inspires him to learn everyday, it has expanded his knowledge and it encourages him to be broad minded because it is about unlimited issues that can be detected in the society and world at large.

Primary Sources
Xolani Gwala - Journalist and talk show host.

Simo Gwala - Second year student at Rhodes University and also Xolani's younger brother.

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