Yusuf Laher

Yusuf LaherYusuf Laher (21/07/87- present) is a music journalist based in South Africa. Over the years he has worked for publications both online and offline and he is very much a part of what he documents. Apart from music journalism, he also does gaming reviews and plays in a punk band called Lowprofile (1).

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Personal information

Laher was born in Durban, South Africa where he was an only child. He attended Westville Boys High and then went on to study at a local university where he majored in psychology and journalism. From there he has been writing about the music happenings in and around Durban. Laher is very involved in the SA music scene and he can often be seen at various shows and festivals. He is currently in a relationship with Kelly Tarboton. He doesn't subscribe to any religions and is apathetic where politics are concerned (2). He is influenced to an extent by gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Irvine Welsh and George Orwell (4).

Career information

After Laher had completed studying Journalism and Psychology at the Varsity College in Durban he became an arts and culture journalist (3), his specialisation is music reviewing (2), especially the music of South African (English and Afrikaans) rock bands. He was the music editor and a contributor of Blunt Magazine, which is no longer a printed publication (6). Following the closure of the printed publication, Blunt moved to an online format which went the same way as its predecessor (7). He is now writing music reviews amongst other articles for Mahala- a cultural journal and online publication (8). Other jobs of his include writing gaming reviews for the Sunday Times (9) and music-related articles for SA website Speakerbox (10).

Recognitions and awards

Laher has won no awards or special achievements for his journalistic work as yet.

Other professional activities

low profile
Besides being a music reviewer and journalist he is also a drummer and vocalist in a band called "Lowprofile.” It is based in Durban and has a professional image as a popular melodic punk rock band. They have released two CDs, “Talk to Strangers” (2005) and “Wings don’t fail me now” (2007). The band is becoming well-known as it travels around South Africa and has media coverage of some of its gigs. See the band’s website here. He is also a reviewer of various Xbox games such as a review on the latest Vin Diesel video game for The Sunday Times (5).

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Some examples of reviews by Yusuf Laher:

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